Dentist SEO

Dentist search engine optimization or Dentist SEO is a key part of every successful dental practice. Just as much as building relationships with new patients.

As of 2021 more than ever dentists are relying in attracting new clients through search engine like Google. It’s no wonder that dentist SEO has become a game-changer for dental practices that need more visibility online and better patient outreach. 

What is Dentist SEO?

Dentist search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy that involves enhancing a dental practice’s website to make it more visible to those searching for dentist offices in their area. Dentist SEO campaigns aim to make websites faster, more user-friendly on mobile devices, and work with Google’s algorithms to push a dental practice’s webpage to the top of search engine results. 

When working with our dentist marketing team at HiRankings, you gain access to the latest tools and technology to help create a dentist SEO strategy that’s customized to your dental practice. If you want your dentist office to get noticed online and reach more potential patients in your area, securing a dentist SEO service is your first step. 

What You Need to Know About Dentist SEO

It’s not necessary for dentists or dental office staff to understand every technical aspect of dentist SEO. You can leave that to us! However, it is helpful to know a few key elements of dentist SEO marketing strategies so you can appreciate how valuable dentist SEO truly is. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that can provide some clarity about how our team of dentist SEO marketing specialists can help you rank higher, attract more patients, and become more visible online.

Why is dentist SEO important for our dental practice?

After years of study in dental school, and then going through the work to open your own dental practice, you may feel as though your experience and reputation should be enough to attract patients. That is certainly a fair point! However, if you want your dental practice to continue to grow and thrive, it’s crucial to have a strong presence in the digital landscape. Decades ago, people would simply ask for recommendations from friends or neighbors, or dig through the Yellow Pages to find a dentist office in their area. Now, the channels that we use to look for the businesses or services we need have streamlined into online search engines, specifically Google, Bing, or Yahoo!. Marketing research shows that is especially true for dental practices.

If you’re noticing that your waiting room doesn’t have as many patients in it as it used to or if you’re a new dental practice that needs help getting noticed, a dentist SEO marketing approach is highly recommended. A dentist SEO campaign can help your website appear above your competitors in your area, which helps you reach more patients and boosts your reputation amongst your community. At HiRankings, we can formulate a dentist SEO plan that’s specifically designed for your practice and your location. 

How do we get our dental practice website to rank higher on Google searches?

There are various techniques that our dentist SEO team uses to bring your dentist office website to the top of Google searches, but here are some of the most important dentist SEO marketing strategies that HiRankings provides. 

Create a Better User-Experience

If you’ve ever clicked on a website that is confusing, slow to load, difficult to navigate, or simply looks outdated, chances are you didn’t stay on that website for very long. Users don’t like these types of websites, and the fact is, Google doesn’t like them either. Websites that aren’t user-friendly will naturally rank lower according to Google’s algorithm. HiRankings dentist SEO team makes sure that your website is user-friendly on all platforms, including mobile devices. 

Include Quality Dentist SEO Content 

Google can detect when a website has poorly written content, duplicate content, or irrelevant content. Poor content quality is one of the top reasons why websites fall in rankings. By updating your content with a focus on search engine optimization, your dentist office webpage will begin to rank higher on Google search engine results. 

Increase Speed

The time it takes for your webpage to load is incredibly important when it comes to ranking higher. The difference between 1-2 seconds and 10 seconds can mean a lot more than you think. By increasing the speed of your dental office website, you’ll increase your visibility online, attract more organic traffic, and rank higher. 

How long will it take for a dental SEO marketing campaign to work?

This is a critical question to address if you’re considering investing in a dentist SEO marketing strategy. Basically, dentist SEO campaigns take a long-term approach. In order for your dental practice’s website to rank higher, you need to prove to Google that your website is valuable and user-friendly. HiRanking’s dentist SEO marketing campaigns do just that. We analyze your current rankings, redesign your content, and upgrade your user experience to match Google’s algorithm. Once this happens, your dental practice webpage will organically rank higher in search engine results. Dentist SEO is one of the smartest investments that dental practice owners can make, but it’s important to remember that this type of marketing strategy isn’t a short-term approach and will not happen overnight.

How can keywords help make our dental practice more visible? 

Inserting targeted and relevant keywords on your dentist office website can help users find you and it helps you rank higher. Google needs to be able to easily crawl your webpage to understand the services that you’re offering so it can properly place your site in its search engine index. By placing the right keywords throughout your content, such as the dental services you offer or common dental issues, it makes it easier for potential patients in your area to find you. Part of HiRankings dental SEO services includes identifying and implementing the right keywords into your website. 

How do we choose the right dental SEO company? 

If you’re looking for the right dentist SEO company, there are a few key services that HiRankings offers that other companies don’t. First and foremost, as we start to create your dentist SEO campaign, we conduct a full evaluation of your dental practice’s webpage as well as a comparative research analysis of your local competitors. This helps us understand what needs to be completed in order to make sure you’re outperforming other dental practices online.

Next, your dentist SEO campaign will be customized to fit your specific location. While other dental SEO companies take a one-size-fits-all approach to dental SEO, we design an SEO marketing campaign that is specific to your practice. Finally, our dentist SEO specialists are accessible and available to you to answer any of your questions and address any of your SEO concerns. HiRankings dentist SEO services will help you reach all of your marketing goals.