Law Firm SEO

For any business or service, it’s always helpful to know the channels that potential clients use to find you. Recommendations, word of mouth, and highway billboards may have cut it for businesses years ago, but the use of search engines like Google appears to be the primary avenue in today’s digital world. Marketing research shows that this is especially true for legal services and law firms. 

What is Law Firm SEO? 

Law firm search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of implementing new digital marketing strategies and techniques to bring your law firm’s website to the top of search engine results. These optimization techniques aim to attract more potential clients as well as make your law firm more visible online. 

At HiRankings, we use all of the latest tools and technology to help design an SEO strategy that’s customized to your law firm practice and areas of focus. If you want to stand out in the crowd of other law firm services in your location, capitalizing on the benefits of lawyer SEO is your first step. 

What You Need to Know About Law Firm SEO 

There are some key elements to law firm SEO that can help you understand its unique advantages. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that can provide some clarity about how our team of law firm marketing specialists can help you rank higher, attract more clients, and generate more visibility online. 

How long does it take to see results from a law firm SEO campaign?

If you’re considering investing in a law firm SEO marketing campaign, when to expect results is a critical item to address. This is mainly because SEO campaigns take a long-term approach. In order for your law firm’s website to rank higher, you have to develop a digital relationship with Google. Our law firm SEO marketing campaign does just that. As we adjust your content and your user experience to fit Google’s algorithm, Google begins to detect that your website is valuable and pushes to present it to users by allowing it to rank higher in search engine results. Law firm SEO is one of the best investments that lawyers can make, but it’s important to remember that this type of marketing strategy isn’t a short-term approach. 

When it comes to law firm SEO or PPC, which one is more effective? 

Law firm search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC methods (pay-per-click) are both considered effective digital marketing tactics. While they can both attract new clients and views, they take very different approaches to bringing you new business. Law firm (SEO) is a long-term approach, as mentioned above, and PPC models provide more short-term benefits. PPC is paid advertising that appears at the top of search engine results. With PPC, you’re paying top dollar for prime Google real estate. For instance, when you Google any business or service, you’ll notice that the first few options are paid advertisements and the organic search results are listed below. This makes the PPC marketing approach simple and straightforward, but it lacks a long-term marketing perspective. 

Lawyer SEO takes a deep-rooted approach. Our law firm SEO marketing campaign uses various digital marketing techniques to help Google recognize your law firm’s website as a valuable, high-quality website. HiRankings’ team of SEO specialists will evaluate and upgrade things like your webpage’s loading speed, content quality, keyword use, location applications, and overall user experience. When you blend all of these SEO strategies together, you steadily and gradually see a rise in search engine rankings, more organic traffic, more visibility, and of course, more clients. If you’re interested in learning more about both law firm SEO practices as well as PPC models, contact a representative at HiRankings to discuss what option is best for your firm. 

What is the difference between white hat and black hat SEO practices?

When researching law firm SEO, you might come across the terms “black hat” and “white hat” SEO. Essentially, white hat SEO is known as being the more ethical SEO strategy. This is because white hat SEO focuses on the human user experience and follows all the search engine rules. It may take longer and involve more research, time, and attention, but white hat SEO is considered the more desirable and respectable approach to search engine optimization. Black hat SEO is the opposite. It breaks the search engine optimization rules and uses unethical and manipulative tactics to draw attention to your website. At HiRankings, we only use white hat SEO strategies. 

If your site is already ranking well, why do you need to continue with SEO?

If your website is already ranking well, that’s great news! It means that you take your users’ experience seriously, you have high-quality content, and Google recognizes your website as valuable. However, keep in mind that Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. That means that your website may be ranking well today, but could suddenly drop significantly in rankings in the near future. Think of SEO as adjusting the audio aspects on your stereo. All of the features, such as speed, user experience, content, images, links, and keywords need to be routinely adjusted and tweaked to make sure that you’re getting optimal results. You want to make sure that you rank high and will continue to rank high as Google changes its formula. 

What factors should my law firm consider when choosing an SEO agency?

When searching for the right SEO agency, there are a few key qualities that HiRankings offers that should be at the top of your priority list. First, before we begin to design your law firm’s SEO campaign, we conduct a full evaluation of your law firm’s website as well as a comparative research analysis of your law firm’s local competitors. This helps us understand what needs to be completed in order to give you a digital advantage. Second, our your law firm’s SEO campaign will be customized to meet your needs in your location. While other SEO agencies take a one-size-fits-all approach to law firm SEO, we design a strategy that is specific to your firm. Lastly, our specialists are accessible and available to you to answer any of your questions and address any of your SEO concerns. We work with you to assure you that your law firm’s website is achieving all of its SEO goals.