Law Firm Website Development

When it comes to harnessing the power of the internet, your website can mean everything. Most consumers now use tools like Google to find the services they need, and this is especially true for legal services. A great website sets the foundation of a law firm’s growth and market potential. If you believe you’re ready to develop or upgrade your law firm’s website, contact HiRankings today to learn more about our law firm website development services. 

Types of Law Firm Websites We Develop

We develop websites for lawyers who practice in the following areas: 

  • Website development for Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Website development for Family Lawyers
  • Website development for Divorce Lawyers
  • Website development for Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Website development for Real Estate Lawyers
  • Website development for Tax Lawyers
  • Website development for Traffic or DUI Lawyers
  • Website development for Workers Compensation Lawyers
  • Website development for Contract Lawyers

Everything You Need to Know About Law Firm Website Development

If you’re attempting to run a law firm without a website or a poorly developed website, it can have a paralyzing effect on your business and your potential to reach new clients. Law firms need to have a strong digital presence to grow and connect with local clientele. If you want to learn more about how our lawyer website development can benefit your law firm, contact HiRankings to speak with a web design expert that specializes in lawyer website development.

Here are some frequently asked questions that lawyers often ask when looking for law firm website development:

Why do lawyers need a website?

Gone are the days of digging through a phone book or turning to TV commercials or newspaper advertisements to find local businesses and services. The vast majority of your law firm’s new clientele will attempt to find you via the internet. Lawyers need to have a stylish and high-functioning website so they can have a strong online presence, make a good first impression with potential clients, collect relevant market research and data, and build trust and credibility in their communities.

What makes law firm website development effective?

To make sure that your law firm’s website is effective and ranking well in Google search engine results, we make sure that it has all the essential, high-performing elements. Our experts in attorney website development can create your law firm’s website to be:

  • Appealing to Google’s algorithm 
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Stylish and aesthetically pleasing
  • Fast 
  • Highly functional
  • User-friendly

Call a representative at HiRankings today at (888) 272-0902 to discuss more of our goals in website development for law firms. 

What are the benefits of new website development for law firms? 

When you have a strong law firm website, the possibilities are endless. A high-performing law firm website can make a great first impression with new clients, and produce the following benefits: 

Increase Law Firm Revenue

Statistics consistently show that compelling and informative websites bring in more traffic, which leads to more clients and naturally brings in more profits. 

Improve Your Law Firm Search Rankings 

With great web development and website management, your law firm has a better chance at ranking higher on search engine results on platforms like Google, Bing, or Yahoo!

Build Trust and Credibility 

Websites that are easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and include high-quality content are more likely to be trusted amongst clients, which convinces them to stay on your page, make the call, and schedule the appointment. 

Reduce Bounce Rates

A bounce rate is the percentage of users that enter your website but leave quickly without viewing other pages or information. Working with an experienced law firm web developer can help attract potential clients and keep them on your webpage. 

Outshine Other Local Law Firms

When you have a great website, you’re not only keeping up with your competitors but outperforming them with the latest web development trends and technology. 

Build Online Presence and Brand Awareness

One of the key services you receive when working with our law firm web developer is a branding or rebranding campaign that can help your law office become a highly recognizable name for local legal services. 

What kind of services does your law firm website development company offer? 

HiRankings is a full-service law firm website development company that offers the following services:

Law Firm Brand Awareness

We make sure that your law firm’s brand makes a strong impression on your target audience. We conduct a branding or rebranding campaign for your law firm to make sure that it accurately represents your legal services, your area of expertise, and your law firm’s unique personality. 

Custom Law Firm Website Development Services

We work closely with your team of lawyers to design the perfect website for your law firm that’s stylish, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and promotes growth. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO aims to bring the right users to the right place. That means high-quality online traffic of users who are specifically looking for legal services. Once you’re attracting the right traffic to your website, we can make sure you’re getting more traffic to your website. 

Law Firm Content Writing

When it comes to content, websites need to constantly update and improve to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Not only does the content need to be up-to-date, but it also needs to be ethical, informative, unique, persuasive, and address all the needs of a potential client seeking legal representation. 

Data Collection and Analysis 

One of the most valuable things a website can provide is significant and useful data. We use the data collected from your webpage to analyze and improve the content and help your law firm expand using effective marketing techniques. 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Users are more likely to turn from passive visitors to clients who make a call when a website functions well. 

Law Firm Website Management and Maintenance 

We understand that you don’t just need website development for your law firm, you need website maintenance and management. Because we know lawyers have a long list of other priorities, we take over all of the responsibilities and tasks involved with maintaining, improving, and managing your website. 

How much does a new law firm website cost to develop?

The cost of new law firm website development or upgrading an already existing law firm website will vary depending on the services needed. We customize every law firm’s website development campaign to identify your unique needs and areas that need improvement. To hear more about our costs, contact a representative at HiRankings today to discuss our law firm web design services. 

How can I find the right law firm website development company? 

If you’re ready to move forward with developing your law firm’s website, look no further than HiRankings. We’re skilled and experienced in the world of law firm marketing and law firm website development. We work closely with you and your team of lawyers to make sure that your website is a direct representation of your expertise and legal abilities. We also know that lawyers have demanding daily tasks, so you need to work with a law firm website development company that takes the weight of responsibility off your shoulders. When working with HiRankings, there’s no need to worry about your law firm’s website maintenance. To get started with your new law firm website development campaign, call HiRankings today at (888) 272-0902