Local SEO for Lawyers

While some businesses strive to have a national or international reach, for others, it’s more important to be a powerful force in your community and showing up in the Google Map Pack. This is why local SEO for lawyers is considered an essential marketing approach for all law firms.

Local SEO for lawyers can help your law firm become a highly recognizable name amongst residents in your city and its surrounding areas. Don’t let your law firm get lost in a sea of search engine results. When working with HiRankings, we can create local SEO for your law firm that boosts your search engine rankings and places your digital presence where it counts the most. 

What is Local SEO for Lawyers? 

Local search engine optimization for lawyers is the process of implementing new digital marketing strategies and techniques to bring your law firm’s website to the top of Google maps pack results in your area. These optimization methods aim to attract more potential clients that reside in your county, city, or town.

Local SEO for attorneys simply means that your online presence is redesigned to make sure that you’re getting noticed when people in your local area search geographically related queries such as “attorney near me” or “attorney in city” for your category of legal services.

Everything You Need to Know About Local SEO for Law Firms

There are some key elements to local SEO for law firms that can help you understand its unique advantages. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that can provide some clarity about how our team of law firm local SEO specialists can help you rank higher, attract more clients in your county, city or community, and generate more visibility online. 

What are the goals and objectives of local SEO for lawyers? 

There are some businesses and services that need the attention of their local community in order to thrive, and law firms are in that category. Instead of casting a big net into a crowded digital space of potential clients looking for legal representation from all over the web, local SEO for lawyers is the process of using advanced tools and techniques to target potential clients in your area. The goal of local SEO for lawyers is to make sure that your ranking high on search engine results with those in your community who are searching for legal services. 

What do your local SEO services for attorneys entail?

Here are some of the local SEO services we provide for law firms: 

Full Marketing Evaluation

We complete a full evaluation of your law firm and identify any details that can help us tailor your online presence and make sure that you’re being accurately represented. 

Comparative Analysis

We also do a comparative analysis and research how you’re matching up with your competitors so we can identify any areas where your law firm’s marketing methods need improving, such as building new content that targets your county, city, and surrounding areas. 

Use Advanced Local SEO Tools and Technology

We only use the latest local SEO tools and technology to create a unique marketing search engine optimization strategy to boost your traffic and bring more eyes, clicks, and calls to your law firm.

Highlight Local Ratings and Reviews 

We make sure that your law firm is cited with rave reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, or other online service platforms. Remember that most people will check previous client experiences and reviews before contacting a law firm. 

Upgrade Your Online Content 

We only use the most ethical white hat content creation techniques to develop content that’s factual, informative, persuasive, and eye-catching. We want your potential clients to feel informed and motivated to make a call. 

Maximize Your Visibility

We use proprietary technology to enhance and built your citations in all major local search engines.

What are the benefits of local SEO for attorneys?

Some of the benefits of local SEO for attorneys include gaining more local attention, seeing an increase in online traffic, ranking higher in search engine results, increasing your local clientele, building credibility in your community, and most importantly, increasing your profits. Remember that local SEO services for lawyers are specifically designed to create more online visibility with those in your community searching for legal services. We make sure that your law firm is appearing in the right place at the right time with the right audience.

How does local SEO for lawyers differ from basic SEO? 

Traditional SEO and local SEO practices follow the same general guidelines. They both aim to improve your search engine rankings and increase your law firm’s online visibility. However, instead of aiming to reach clients on a global or national scale, as basic SEO systems will do, local SEO for law firms aims to focus SEO strategies on attracting a local clientele. By implementing keywords and phrases that are associated with your location, you’re able to become more visible to those searching for legal services in your community, rather than in another state or region. 

How do we find the right local SEO company for our law firm? 

When searching for the right agency for local SEO for lawyers, there are a few key characteristics that HiRankings offers that should be at the top of your priority list.

First, as we mention in our services question above, we begin to design your law firm’s local SEO campaign by conducting a full evaluation of your law firm’s website as well as a comparative research analysis of your law firm’s local competitors. This helps us understand what needs to be completed in order to give you a digital advantage in your local community. Most importantly, your law firm’s local SEO campaign will be customized to meet your needs in your county, city, and surrounding areas.

While other SEO agencies take a one-size-fits-all approach to law firm SEO, we design a strategy that is specific to your firm and your location. Our local SEO experts are accessible and available to you to answer any of your questions and address any of your SEO concerns as your law firm’s local SEO campaign is rolled out. Call us at (888) 272-0902.